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Ground Floor

Our ground floor includes three air conditioner rooms with attach bathroom, single small room without attach bathroom, one air conditioner banquet hall for party in the center with four common bathrooms and one kitchen in joint with it, outer shelter space, open space involves two gardens, parking place and single cooking set up.

Ground Floor Stay Capacity - 42 to 50 members

Near about 42 members stay capacity available on the ground floor at our marriage place.

Minimum Ground Floor Stay Capacity - 42 Members

Maximum Ground Floor Stay Capacity - 50 Members

Final amount figure to book Ground floor only - Rs 32,000 per day

Single time Nagar Nigam charges apply for each booking separately - Rs 1000 per single booking

Electricity unit, tent department, light decoration, sweeper and event work charges are not included in the above mention fares.

Note: Attractive discount offer available on above mention booking budget rate during the epidemic crisis period.