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All season holiday fun at homestay in Jaipur

Daily majority of people do a search for homestay in Jaipur to find an independent peaceful place with a homely environment. All of them want to spend their precious vacation time away from the professional working environment. The magic of the homestay is itself hidden in the word, which is the outcome of home and stay together.

If anybody wants to compare the homestay atmosphere with the hotel environment. Major differences between them and advantages of homestay in Jaipur are mention below:

A) The hotel contains more staff members in comparison to homestay. While you find your family members are more in comparison to the number of working staff members.

B) In the home, you can take decision freely in case of event management work. But, in a hotel, you must follow the terms and conditions of it. To do any kind of graceful changes, you must take permission from the hotel manager. In multiple cases we find hotel managers say no to the customers.

C) You can hire your personal cook at home and enjoy the taste of food, but the hotel never allows this option and consider their own shaft only in high prices.

D) Star hotels apply 28 percent goods and services tax on every single booking done by the customers. Only 18 percent of goods and services tax apply on the services of homestay in Jaipur.

E) Anyone can enjoy sports activity in the open garden available with the homestay services. But hotels don't allow anyone to play any kind of sports in the premises of them.

F) CCTV camera only applicable on main entry gates in case of homestay. But, you find more active CCTV cameras available inside the hotel premises.

G) Light and flower decoration facility are optional in homestay services. But you may not hire any third party to manage light and flower decoration services inside the hotel.

H) Any decent family can speak loudly and freely in stay home atmosphere. But, similar conditions you definitely may not found in the reputed hotels.

I) Fresh air pass system covered with greenery is pretty good in the majority of stay home venues. You will also find exhaust fan cooler facility in addition to air conditioner facility inside stay rooms. Almost all hotels have air conditioner facility due to which same air circulate again.

J) Most of the people take the benefit of extra space in marriage season and enjoy there get together party in the same amount. In hotels, you must have to pay extra money to book the banquet hall to celebrate any type of lunch and dinner party.

K) Homestay booking facility available in reasonable rates as compared to hotel booking prices.

L) Fire safety arrangements is must for security purpose in all star hotels. While it is only essential for homestay in case if more than fifty people gather at a single place.