Wedding Venue Calendar 2024

Latest Wedding Venue Calendar 2024 Help You To Fix Your Marriage Date

An Indian wedding is not less than a festival for the bride and groom’s family. The religious ceremony of bringing two family together to create a sacred bond is celebrated in attendance of priests from the family’s respective religion, along with all family friends. Majority of people in India believe in carrying out this ritual on an favorable day and time.

If you are in the process of planning your marriage dates in 2024 according to the astrologers then this calendar has the best suggestions for you. The Ashish marriage place at Jaipur in India brings Wedding Venue Calendar 2024 for all auspicious wedding dates.

Best marriage dates in 2024 with relevant to specific month are mentioned below:

January 2024 Wedding Dates:

16 January, Tuesday
17 January, Wednesday
20 January, Saturday
21 January, Sunday
22 January, Monday
27 January, Saturday
28 January, Sunday
30 January, Tuesday
31 January, Wednesday

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore

1 January, Monday – New Beginnings
14 January, Sunday – Harvest Love
15 January, Monday – Harvest Love
25 January, Thursday – Full Moon
26 January, Friday – Long Weekend

February 2024 Wedding Dates:

4th February, Sunday
6th February, Tuesday
8th February, Thursday
12th February, Tuesday
13th February, Wednesday
17th February, Saturday
24th February, Saturday
25th February, Sunday
26th February, Monday
29th February, Thursday

Unique Wedding Date to Explore are
14th February, Thursday – Valentine’s Day

March 2024 Wedding Dates:

1st March, Friday
2nd March, Saturday
3rd March, Sunday
4th March, Monday
5th March, Tuesday
6th March, Wednesday
10th March, Sunday
11th March, Monday
12th March, Tuesday

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore
8th March, Friday – SHIV RATRI
9th March, Saturday
23rd March, Saturday – HOLI weekend
24th March, Sunday – HOLI weekend
25th March, Monday – HOLI
29th March, Friday – Good Friday
30th March, Saturday – Good Friday weekend
31st March, Sunday – Good Friday weekend

April 2024 Wedding Dates:

18th April, Thursday
20th April, Saturday
22nd April, Monday
24th April, Wednesday
26th April, Thursday
Unique Wedding Dates to Explore
10th April, Wednesday – ID-UL-FITR
13th April, Saturday – VAISAKHI
14th April, Sunday – VAISAKHI
17th April, Wednesday – Ram NAVAMI
21st April, Sunday – MAHAVEER JAYANTI
23rd April, Tuesday – Full Moon
SHUBH MUHURAT for marriage in 2024

May 2024 Wedding Dates:

23rd May, Thursday – Buddha PURNIMA

June 2024 Wedding Dates:

28th June, Friday
29th June, Saturday

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore
21st June, Friday – Summer Solstice
22nd June, Saturday – Full Moon

July 2024 Wedding Dates:

9th July, Tuesday
11th July, Thursday
13th July, Saturday
14th July, Sunday
15th July, Monday
Unique Wedding Date to Explore
21st July, Sunday – Full Moon

August 2024 Wedding Dates:

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore
4th August, Sunday – Friendship Day
15th August, Thursday – Independence Day
16th August, Friday – RAKHI weekend
17th August, Saturday – RAKHI weekend
18th August, Sunday – RAKHI weekend
19th August, Monday – RAKHI
24th August, Saturday – JANMASHTHAMI Weekend
25th August, Sunday – JANMASHTHAMI Weekend
26th August, Monday – JANMASHTHAMI Weekend

September 2024 Wedding Dates:

Unique Wedding Date to Explore
7th September, Saturday – Ganesh CHATURTHI

October 2024 Wedding Dates

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore
11th October, Friday – NAV DURGA Blessings
12th October, Saturday – NAV DURGA Blessings
13th October, Sunday – NAV DURGA Blessings
16th October, Wednesday – World Food Day
17th October, Thursday – Full Moon
31st October, Thursday – Festive Feels

November 2024 Wedding Dates:

13th November, Wednesday
17th November, Sunday
22nd November, Friday
23rd November, Saturday
25th November, Monday
26th November, Tuesday
28th November, Thursday
Unique Wedding Dates to Explore
3rd November, Sunday – BHAI DOOJ
15th November, Friday – Full Moon
16th November, Saturday – Full Moon

December 2024 Wedding Dates:

4th December, Wednesday
5th December, Thursday
9th December, Monday
10th December, Tuesday
14th December, Saturday
Unique Wedding Dates to Explore
15th December, Sunday – Full Moon
21st December, Saturday – Winter Solstice
25th December, Wednesday – Christmas
31st December, Tuesday – New Year’s Eve

Our forecast says 2024 is going to be a year full of celebrations and love and we can’t wait to be a part of

your wedding planning journey.

Convert Your Deal

Wedding Client Bonding Ease Your Deal

It is one of the most unique significant topic about the relationship between the

wedding venue owner and the booking client. Whenever, the bonding is strong then

it will convert your function an great success and when it is weak then it create

multiple service delays in your major function. Always make sure to be attentive

at the time of discussion related with the management of any gathering function.

Healthy bonding is essential from both point of view whether it is from the

owner’s instruction side or it is from the wedding booking client side. Many

factors are responsible to manage any type of gathering function. Those factors

are mention below:

a) What type of function you want to manage at the wedding venue.

b) Take care of gathering capacity of wedding venue and book your dream venue


c) Pricing package must be clear in terms of services you offer. Please, disclose

all hidden charges available with your property in advance. For example Percentage

of GST charge, Maintenance charge in case of damage of any item. Always take the

written document copy with you and distribute another original copy to the booking


d) Tell the back up plan in case of any emergency happen at your place. For

example inverter and generator back up service in case of any electricity cut off.

e) Each and every person engage in the function must follow the government

guidelines during pandemic situation.

f) In case whenever wedding client demand increases during the function. He must

charge extra for other demands which never discussed before the function starts.

g) All services offer to the booking client must be clear in every department like

wise wedding venue, event, catering, electricity back up services, fire safety back up service, light and flower decoration etc.

Wedding Venue Selection Factors in Jaipur

The place where the wedding event takes place is defined as wedding venue. In the similar manner, we describe the wedding event as a family event creating strong bond created between two families. Out of two one belongs to bride family and other involves bridegroom family. There are two options available in the selection criteria of the wedding venue. First option is to book nearby wedding venue located within the city. Other option is to prefer destination wedding venue.

There are multiple factors responsible for the selection of perfect wedding venue in Jaipur

All of them are as follows:

  • Wedding Venue Budget: Nice budget plan is necessary for proper distribution of budget. Major services work like booking a venue, event set up, catering, and florist creativity. The organizing of mega event for multiple numbers of days.
  • Nice Location and Parking: Unique locations always help us to give perfect feel to welcome guests. In terms of safety and safe parking it is important to note this point.
  • Gathering event space capacity: Event space capacity must be accurate or near to invited number of guests only. More vacant space show bad impression impact for the booking owner. In the similar manner, less gather space again not fruitful for all kids and guests.
  • Staff Flexibility and Responsiveness: Staff must be honest, clean, and flexible. They should take full responsibility in terms of delivering services to invited members.
  • CCTV Camera Security: Security camera plays a major role in vehicle safety. It gives the feeling of safety among all welcome guests.

Some More Points to Consider:

  • Sound and Acoustic: Soothing sound is needed to hear in dance party from all guests.
  • Know your guest list: Guest list must be final according to invitation to close relative, friends and respected guests.
  • Booking date available or not with respect to the wedding venue of your choice.
  • More positive user reviews: It helps a lot to maintain trust for the booking the wedding venue space.
  • Climate observation must be suited to the selective location at which we are ready to perform our events.
  • Amenities available with neat and clean staff members.
  • If the guest list increases, there is any nearby accommodations available for booking.
  • We may plan our event according to our dreams.We stand true to ourselves in concern with wedding budget.

If we take care of all these factors and are able to convert simple occasion into interesting one. All the above major factors play an unique significant role in this mega event.